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Resource Center

Refuge Resource Center is a community support center for those in need in our area.  We are an outreach of Refuge Ranch.  Our goal is to serve people in the Morongo Basin with basic needs including food, clothing, housing support, etc.   Due to ranch demands, we have limited hours, please call us to schedule an apointment at 760-578-1187.



Food.  Refuge Resource Center makes food available regularly to those living in the Morongo Basin who are facing hunger and food insecurity.    

Clothes on Rack

Clothing is available on a scheduled basis or by appointment for those who need this resource.  


Referrals.  Refuge Resource Center will work with local non profit and other agencies to serve as a referral source for those needing counseling and other services outside the scope of what we offer.  

Image by Scott Graham

Additional Resources will be made available to the community in the coming months.

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