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It takes a large team of trained staff and volunteers to provide the level of care for the animals and the breadth of community programs we offer at Refuge Ranch.  We welcome you to consider how you might get involved with us.

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We welcome all volunteers who are interested in working with the animals and the guests who come to Refuge Ranch. Experience with animals is helpful but not required.  If you love animals and have a desire to make a positive impact then you are welcome.

Note: All volunteers must pass a background check and drug screen prior to working with kids at the Ranch.




In addition to adult volunteers, we welcome youth interns who would like to learn about the ranch and volunteer their time either working with the animals or helping when guests come to the ranch. We find many of our teens get as much out of being at the ranch as the visitors. Plus, it looks great on those college applications.

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Ranch Workers

It takes a lot of work to maintain the ranch. We invite you to consider volunteering your time and/or talents to help take care of the animals or facilities of the ranch.  We are always in need of people to help with daily/weekly chores such as cleaning, feeding and exercising the animals.  In addition, there are always lots of projects that need to be done to maintain and improve the ranch.  If you have building/maintenance skills or are just willing to help, please let us know.

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