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Refuge Ranch relies on the support of our partners, sponsors and donors to provide the care for the animals at the ranch.  You can become a vital part of the ranch by sponsoring an animal.  Your sponsorship increases our capacity to care for abused, neglected and abandoned animals.  

In addition to the ongoing care for each animal (the cost of hay, feed, hoof & dental care, vaccines, and deworming), rescued animals often need expensive diagnostics, treatments, surgeries, and emergency care. As a permanent sanctuary for many of the residents at the ranch, there are also the costs of ongoing medications and care for lifelong illnesses and injuries.  The cost of care for each animal varies widely, depending on hay costs, fuel costs, diet, special needs, medications, training and rehab costs and more.  On average, it costs between $250 - $450 or more each month to provide care for the horses at the ranch, while the cost of care for a goat or pig is closer to $100.  Our herd includes everything from minis to drafts, young horses to seniors, and physically healthy horses to those with long-term health issues.  And our goats, pigs and llamas range in age and health from healthy babies to seniors struggling with arthritis and other health issues.  

We rely on donors to help cover these costs.  The Refuge Ranch Sponsor An Animal Program is a monthly or annual donation you make in honor of a specific animal (“your” animal). You are welcome to sponsor any animal at any level or amount you choose.  If the actual costs of care for your horse/animal are less than sponsor amounts, any excess will fund costs of care for other animals not sponsored. No donation is too small; every dollar counts!

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