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Staff and volunteers, committed to impacting lives in a positive way and who are knowledgeable about the ranch's animals, work with visitors.  These sessions may be held one-on-one or in a group setting depending upon the needs of the participants.  We offer structured programs for kids, seniors and veterans.   



Small Animal Care

Guests have the opportunity to work with the small animals when they visit the ranch.  This might include learning how to care for the goats, pigs, llamas, or mini horses and donkeys. They learn how to feed them, care for them and groom them.  Then they get to participate

in those activities.


Large Animal Care

Those guests who are ready to work with the larger animals will learn about horse anatomy and care including nutrition, basic vet care, cleaning, feeding, grooming and exercising the animals. They also learn the history of each horse at the ranch and how to work specifically with that animal including any physical or mental limitations.


Horseback Riding

The Ranch has trained riding instructors that work with program participants to teach them proper technique in handling the horses including how to saddle, mount, ride and care for the horse when the lesson is finished.  The emphasis is always on connection with the horse, kindness, safety and building skills.

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