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Refuge Ranch provides a healing
place for animals and people.



​Refuge Ranch provides a healing place for animals and people.

Animals: Refuge Ranch is a large animal rescue and sanctuary. Many of the animals in our care come from very difficult and sometimes abusive backgrounds. Our goal is to help them become healthy in body and mind. For some this may be as simple as minor veterinary care and some extra feed. For others with long-term neglect or abuse, this can mean months of work with qualified training staff to help the animal overcome the trauma they have experienced.

Once the rescued animal is healthy, the Ranch Staff will determine their appropriate future.  Some of the animals that come to Refuge Ranch become part of our program for visitors.  Those that would be happier in a different type of situation are adopted out to forever  homes.  Our goal is always to provide the best possible life for the animal.  Those that need permanent sanctuary live out their days at the ranch in the best possible home we can provide for them.

People:  In addition, Refuge Ranch provides short and long-term programming for adults and children in our community looking to connect with animals in order to bring healing to their lives.

Studies demonstrate a healing bond between people and animals. As both children and adults learn the stories of the animals who have been abused, given up or cast aside they connect in an amazing way.

Ranch staff and volunteers work with each guest to craft a program that is tailored to the individual's needs and interests.  The goal is always to bring healing, build new skills and increase confidence.

There are no other organizations in this geographic area that combine both farm animal sanctuary and rehabilitation with programs for children and adults in need of emotional healing.

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